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Eunice Napangardi c.1950-2005

Eunice Napangardi
Bush Banana Dreaming
41 x 41 cm
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Emerging from the arid spinifex country of Papunya in Central Australia, Eunice was one of the first Aboriginal woman painters.

A highly talented artist of Warlpiri descent, Eunice was part of the advent of the Aboriginal Art Movement at Papunya in the early 1970′s. During this important period there was a vast upsurge of the human spirit when a gifted people, oppressed by years of subjugation, stood up once more.

Eunice responded to this new found freedom by expressing the rich culture of her people through art. She produced some of the most magnificent canvas paintings to come out of the area.

Rising to prominence through her depiction’s of the Bush Banana Dreaming (signifying the journey of the Yuparli ancestors), Eunice’s paintings are totally unique. She demonstrates a great artistic flair and surety of touch in her ability to represent one dreaming.

Eunice’s paintings depict variations of the bush banana plant with its radiating vines. The bush banana, or Yuparli, grows in rock crevices close to the dry river beds in the spinifex country. It is collected by the Aboriginal women to be eaten as fruit or used for medicinal purposes. Since the bush banana plant has both nutritional and healing properties it is of immense importance to the Aboriginal people of Central Australia.